keg caps (tamper evident)

We now sale tamper evident plastic closures for kegs.

Keg caps are necessary to keep debris out of the valve and keep the product undisturbed during travel.

A signature color, custom stamped or printed cap will also make your kegs stand out to others

Our keg caps fit all types of extractor tubes : sankey spears, « A » type spears, triangular spears

Benefits of our keg caps:

  • Can be placed manually or with an automatic capper on the extractor tube
  • Protects against dust
  • Sealing function
  • Easy to open
  • Can be personalized with your logo
  • Many colors available
  • Quick delivery
  • Cap size available
  • Ø 64 mm caps to be used with Sankey spears (S-Type tube).
    Come in boxes of 1.000 pieces
  • Ø 69 mm caps to be used the Grundy type spear (triangular shaped tube)
    Come in boxes of 850 pieces
  • Ø 74mm caps to be used with the round and flat spear (« A » type tube)
    Come in boxes of 700 pieces
  • Colours available
    All colors available, can be plain color or personalized with your logo and text (ingredient list …..)

Please question us for a quote confirming required quantities and type of cap needed (please send us your logo if you want a personalized cap)