Brewhouse (11,7 hl) with fermentation vessels

BREWHOUSE (1,170 LITRES PER BREW) – Electrical heated


  • Wooden clad Stainless Steel Hot liquor tank (2 x 12 KWh 3-Phase electric heating elements)
  • Temperature control panel for HLT.
  • Hot liquor supply pump (240V)
  • Wooden/Stainless Steel Grist hopper/grist hydrator
  • Wooden clad Stainless Steel mash tun/removable plates/removable lids
  • Stainless Steel Underback
  • Transfer pump (240V)
  • Stainless Steel Copper (3 x 18 3-Phase KWh electric heating elements)
  • Hop filter
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Wort pump (240V)
  • Plate heat exchanger (10-12 brls/hr)
  • Electrical control panel




FERMENTATION TANKS (atmospheric pressure)


  • 3 x Wooden clad Stainless Steel closed (with top opening and front man hole) FVs with cooling panels
  • 3 x remote cooling units
  • 2 x stainless steel conical fermentation tanks 60º angle,  with refrigerated sleeves 15HL. Manufactured 2015